Evolving Artificial Life.


10/03/13: Critterding 1.0 beta14 released

- custom maps (wavefront obj)
- textures/normal mapping
- customizable lightsource
- critter cameras
- species selecting from species panel
- weight calculation fixes
- debug drawer for physics

04/24/13: Critterding 1.0 beta13.1 released

- make install
- bzip compression on critters
- OpenMP is now optional
- removed libusb dependency
- autoexchange crash fix
- boost linking fix


Critterding depends on Freetype2 and SDL when compiling the sources.

zips and tarballs

How the program works

Critters are informed by sensors:
- if their head touches food unit
- if their head touches another critter
- if they are able to procreate
- about their energy state
- about their age
- about the state of their joints
- what the world looks like (RGBA vision)

Critters can make use of the following motor neurons (actions):
- bend joint
- bend joint in other direction
- eat
- procreate

At default, the program sets up a small world with a relatively large amount of food units
and keeps throwing in critters with randomly generated brains and bodies.

After a while, one of these idiot critters will unavoidably be
good enough to maintain a small population:

Slowly but surely, their behaviour will become
a lot less random as they demonstrate increasingly
better survival skills:


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